Fresh Pouch Milk 500ml & 200ml

Pasteurized & homogenized fresh whole milk high in quality, refreshing and ready-to-drink milk. It offers the natural goodness from the Countryside of pure and clean air. The milk features a superior and nutritionally sound taste. The product is packaged in 500ml and 200ml pouches.

At Countryside Dairy we use pouch packaging for milk. Made from polypropylene, this pouch is reusable, easy-to-pour and produces 75% less waste than conventional milk packaging.

Plastic packaging has cascading benefits to the value chain – extended food life without needing refrigeration and reduced transportation emissions. Using plastic packaging helps cut down environmental costs to less than conventional alternatives.

Plastic packaging is commercially feasible and stabilizes the cost of raw materials, making it easy and practical to execute.

Bulk Milk 50ltrs

Fresh Whole milk nutritiously processed and packaged in bulk with all the goodness one can find in milk. It’s available in most supermarkets where it can be dispensed through ATM dispenser units. The product is packaged in 50 litre. The product is also readily available. Visit a Countryside Dairy outlet near you to purchase your desired quantity.

Bio Food Grade Cans – 10ltrs

Milk packaged in Bio food grade cans is readily available and packaged in 10 litres.Ideal for institutions and restaurants. The packaging is favorable for storage. Creto Fresh Milk is packaged in 20ltrs. Creto milk is hygienically packaged in non-recyclable Creto bags and special type of crates highly favorable for hotel setup and convenient for storage. The product is packaged in 20 litres.