ountryside Dairy: Frequently asked questions and reviews

Got any questions for us? Let us answer them for you! Find out more about our products right here at Countryside Dairy and read through our list of frequently asked questions. For more information, you can see the response and reviews of our previous customers regarding our services and products below: 

Frequently asked questions: Your dairy inquiries 

Find some of your questions here and get to know your dairy more. Find the answers below and see whether we can satisfy your inquiry. 

Is organic milk better than regular milk?

When it comes to the aspects of nutrition, safety and even quality, there isn’t much difference between organic and regular milk. The only difference between the two is how each of these products is produced. 

Organic milk comes from free-range cows who roam the fields while regular milk comes from cows restrained in factories. The standard set by the government ensures that both milk products are safe and exhibit the same benefits. 

Are the whole, reduced, low fat and fat-free milk 

All of the above-mentioned milk is a 100% natural product. The only difference between the four is the fact that they have different fat levels. This can affect the taste of the milk as well as the fat content but other than that, there is no major factor affected. It would all depend on your diet. 

Reviews from our customers

Get to see what our customers have to say about us. Read the reviews below and see if you would share the same sentiment with our customers!

  • There isn’t much to comment about taste since almost all milk tastes the same. However, I noticed that my stomach likes Countryside Dairy milk more than any other brand. I don’t know if it’s because of your process or if it has something to do with the ingredients. Either way, I love the milk from this brand. Kudos to your efforts in keeping the milk fresh always. 
  • I remember purchasing milk from this brand ever since I was a kid. It was always a fond memory of mine that I shared with my siblings. The fact that it was in a pouch always made me curious. When I was young, I and my brothers would always freeze the milk and eat it like a popsicle. I just wish that you cover other areas in Kenya since I couldn’t find this milk in my local convenience store when I moved. 
  • My parents would always purchase gallons of milk from this brand and we go directly to the manufacturer since it is cheaper. It is delicious and creamy and my mother would always use it in her cooking. It makes her food all the more delicious and I appreciate that.

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