About us

The perfect blend of good nutrition
and wholesome taste

Our success links to the countryside which is rich in milk production, our dairy culture and the people
in our business

Countryside Dairy has developed into a high quality milk processing plant pegged to transfer capabilities from
Netherlands and investment of World’s best processing equipment. Countryside Dairy Ltd. is a modern dairy
company set in Nyahururu, a region well known as a milk catchment area due to its favorable climate. The strategic
location makes it easy to access farmers and milk collection. Our core mission is to create a sustainable social and
economic value across the dairy value chain through international expertise and partnership. The company upholds a
code of conduct that guides production and operational processes. From this, we are growing through shared passion
to create exceptional quality milk that is highly appreciated by milk lovers


We take charge of the dairy production process from sourcing to the consumers’ doorstep. The journey begins from sourcing of raw milk that is only secured from the countryside where open grazing is practiced and characterized by ideal farming practices. Availability of pasture guarantees quality, nutritious and high butterfat content in milk. From the farm, milk is analyzed through our inhouse lab fitted with modern equipment to ensure the product meets and exceeds the dairy required standards before it is pasteurized and packaging for distribution thanks to our technical expertise from Netherlands.

Distribution & Fleet

Fresh milk production is conducted on a daily basis and distribution to all outlets within the same day. The vehicles are fitted with refrigerated facility to ensure the product temperatures are maintained thereby guarantee quality every day.

Our distribution trucks have inbuilt refrigeration which guarantees the temperatures and quality of milk is maintained from the plant to delivery points. Processing and deliveries of fresh milk are done on daily basis.


We have built strong relationships with our stakeholders for mutual benefit. The cordial partnerships with farmers based in Nyahururu and its environs guarantee a sizeable and consistent supply of milk. We observe high standards in all our processes and adhere to very stringent measures on quality; from the reception to the laboratory where milk is analyzed and tested before and after pasteurization as well as during packaging operations.