We are a modern dairy company set in Nyahururu, a well known milk catchment area region famous for its favorable climate.

The strategic location makes it easy to access farmers and milk collection.

Our core mission is to deliver consistent quality on dairy products through effective structures designed to offer value and excellence in service.

The company upholds a code of conduct that guides production and operational processes.

Fresh by Nature


Every week we process and deliver thousands of litres of great tasting fresh milk to customers across Kenya, processed at our dairy plant..

Milk Processing

In addition to quality, we offer a value proposition arising from high efficiency operating levels thus reducing costs and enabling us offer competitive pricing.

Quality Assurance

Every product that passes through the plant is microbiologically attested and approved to have high standards that our consumers constantly expect.

250 & 500ml pouches

Fresh Pouch Milk

Pasteurized & homogenized fresh whole milk high in quality, refreshing and ready-to-drink milk. It offers the natural goodness from the Countryside of pure and clean air. The milk features a superior and nutritionally sound taste.

Bulk Orders

50lt Package

Fresh whole nutritious milk processed and packaged in bulk with all Countryside’s goodness. It’s available in most supermarkets from ATM dispenser units. Visit a Countryside Dairy outlet near you to purchase your desired quantity.

10 & 20lt quantities

Bio Food Grade Cans

Ideal for institutions and restaurants, this packaging is favorable for storage. Creto fresh milk is hygienically packaged in non-recyclable 20lt Creto bags and transported in special crates that are great for hotel setup and convenient for storage.

Countryside Dairy: Fresh by nature products for you! 

Welcome to Countryside Dairy! We are a modern dairy company established in the state of Nyahururu. With the nature of our region, Nyahururu became known as a milk catchment area with a favourable climate for cultivating cows. We have established our farm in a strategic location that would make it easier for our farmers to collect milk and produce the highest quality dairy product.

Fresh by nature: Dairy made for you!

Here at Countryside Dairy, we process and deliver thousands of litres of fresh-tasting milk to our valued customers across Kenya. These products are processed in our plants where we try to keep the products as organic as possible to maintain the succulent flavour of the milk.

When it comes to quality, there is nothing like Countryside Dairy. Our company ensures that every product that passes through our plant is microbiologically attested and approved by the experts in our team. This allows us to confidently claim that our products have the highest standard that you can constantly expect from our goods. 

Our products and goods 

Dairy is one of the most versatile foods on the market. You can combine it with a drink or your favourite dessert. For that reason, we have created several dairy products that would help satisfy your daily dairy needs. Here’s a list of our most popular products right here at Countryside Dairy: 

Fresh pouch milk 

Our fresh pouch milk offers a unique way for you to enjoy your favourite dairy. This product is pasteurized and homogenized to create high quality fresh whole milk that is ready to drink. Enjoy our refreshing treats and savour the freshness of our dairy products. Our fresh pouch milk offers the natural goodness from our products made in a pure and clean environment. Indulge in the flavour of our dairy that features a superior and naturally sound taste. 

50-litre package   

Our 50-litre package is perfect for bulk orders that you can sell in your supermarket or retail store. This fresh whole milk is processed and packaged in bulk with the highest quality that Countryside Dairy can offer. This product is available in all your leading supermarkets down to the ATM milk dispenser units. To purchase your desired quantity of products, you can visit us at our Countryside Dairy outlets. 

Bio food grade cans 

Want to drink your milk in a can? We got you! Our bio food-grade canned dairy goods are perfect for institutions like restaurants or even at your home or school. It is one of our most favourable packaging options since it keeps the milk safe in storage. The creto fresh milk cans are hygienically packaged using non-recyclable creto bags. This special packaging makes it easier for you to store your dairy products without worrying about their shelf life.